berghvanheerdenBergh and Van Heerden Physiotherapists are currently practicing at Netcare Unitas Hospital, where we have been delivering a professional physiotherapy service for the past 14 years.
Our scope of practice includes pulmonary and surgical patient care with special interest in abdominal thoracic, obstetrics, gynecology, urology and orthopedic surgery. Wound care and trauma is another field of special interest and we have had great success with wound healing treatment techniques.
We believe in a multi-disciplinary team approach, where open communication with all members is essential for optimal patient treatment and progress.


We are passionate about patient care and that is why we strive to deliver treatment of the highest quality to each and every patient assigned to our care. We strive to maintain the highest practice standards, engage in ongoing education and follow each specialist's protocol meticulously. Fundamentally, we strive to deliver an all-encompassing service, starting before hospital admission, preparing the patient for surgery, followed by in-hospital care, outpatient care after discharge and home visits if needed. We aim to educate patients on particular self-treatment options and shorten their hospital stay by effective treatment and early mobilization. This activity is reinforced with bulk messaging to discharged patients, reminding and advising them about self-treatment, warning signs and follow-up opportunities.



Lizl van Heerden

076 849 3820


Monique Bergh

082 949 6875