Suite 411, Netcare Unitas / Suite 206, Midstream Mediclinic
Drs Basson is based in Midstream Mediclinic & Dr Jeske in Netcare Unitas. The doctors regularly consult and support each other on procedures.
Netcare Unitas Hospital

Netcare Unitas Hospital is the largest private hospital in South Africa. The 470-bed facility is the flagship of the Netcare group’s 56 private hospitals across South Africa and offers world-class healthcare services enabled by the latest technology, a team of highly experienced medical professionals and a commitment to render exceptional service to all stakeholders.

The practice

Suite 411, Fourth Floor
Cnr Clifton and Cantonement Ave, Lyttelton, 0140
012 644 1327/3909

Midstream Mediclinic

Situated in Midstream Estate in the heart of Centurion, the ultramodern Mediclinic Midstream is the latest addition to Mediclinic Southern Africa’s private hospital portfolio. The 176-bed multidisciplinary hospital is centrally located, which allows for easy access from major highways in the greater Tshwane area.

Cnr Midstream drive Midstream Hill, Boulevard, Midsteam Hill, Midsteam. Visits from family and friends are an important part of the recovery process and Mediclinic makes every effort to accommodate visitors.

The Practice

Suite 206, Midstream Dr,
Hill Boulevard, Midstream Estate, 1692

Expert medical views
Medically Speaking
In Medically Speaking, Drs Basson & Jeske aim to provide practical and sound principles to follow, making sure you are up to date with their latest procedures and techniques in providing quality medical care.
Dr Basson & Jeske - Specialist Surgeons
28 Apr: Mandela Day – Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

This Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy forms part of Drs Basson & Jeske drive to provide expert medical attention to the most vulnerable of our community.

Dr Basson & Jeske - Medically Speaking
13 Apr: 12 Tricks To Beat Constipation

Constipation can be solved with over-the-counter medication, but if we don’t treat the underlying cause, the problem can reoccur without an end in sight.

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