All major credit & debit cards are accepted. Please make timeous arrangement with your doctor if you have no other option.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Procedural Fees including operations and endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopies and colonoscopies, settled immediately may qualify for a 10% discount. Discounts lapse if the account is not timeously paid.


in the practise must be settled directly after your consultation, then claimed by yourself from your medical aid.


Our administration is closed on weekends and after hours and emergency rates apply. You will receive the surgery consent form and payment policy for signing during the ward round after you have been admitted. All billing will be done as soon as possible during office hours.


We provide a quotation and an estimate of the cost before you agree to any treatment (with exception to emergencies/weekend/after hour hospitalisation).. It is the patient’s responsibility to read his/her medical aid rules. This is especially important regarding referral letters, medical scheme exclusions, authorization numbers for specialist visits and procedures, short payments and co-payments for procedures and endoscopic procedures. Certain procedures are paid out of your medical aid’s savings account. Please ensure that you have enough available funds They have various reimbursements; some pay the entire fee and others do not.


Unless privately funded your account is submitted to your medical aid by us. You will receive a confirmation of this from your medical aid and a detailed statement of your account via e-mail and or SMS from us.

Please contact us if you do not promptly receive an account from our practice as late submission to your medical aid may result in your claim being rejected. Feel free to contact our accounts department for any other enquiries via e-mail  or phone Tel: 012 012 5202.


AUTHORISATION from medical aid for procedures remains your obligation, we provide the procedure & the ICD10 to you.

PAYMENT of your account within 30 days of receipt remains your responsibility unless other written arrangements have been approved with our accounts department. Amounts paid to the patient by medical aids must, by law be paid over to the practice within 7 days of receipt. Overdue accounts accrue at a prime interest rate +2% after 60 days and are handed over to a debt collection agent.

FOLLOW -UP CONSULTATION bookings and consultations at practice after any procedures, remain your obligation.

TEST RESULT FOLLOW UP remains your responsibility. Please phone the practice to enquire about your test results.

SURGICAL PROCEDURE FOLLOW UP have no fee within six weeks of your surgical procedure unless for a complication (e.g: wound infection, fluid collection etc.) or a new problem. Thereafter normal consultation fees apply. Please note that endoscopic procedures such as a gastroscopy and colonoscopy are non-surgical procedures.

ANAESTHETIC FEE is separate from your hospital and surgeon’s account. For more information on the anaesthetist’s account please contact their offices directly:


Accounting Office

Accounting Contact

Accounting E-mail:

Dr K Purchase

Medical Account Consultants

Lene 012 333 5584

Dr FW De Jong

Medical Account Consultants

Lene 012 333 5584

Dr C Willemse

Medical Account Consultants

Bernadette 012 333 8257

Dr E Viljoen

Medical Account Consultants

Bernadette 012 333 8257

Dr D Venter

Medical Account Consultants

Bernadette 012 333 8257


Liability for payment:

I, the undersigned, do hereby:

  • accept that although I am a member of a medical scheme, I remain fully responsible for payment of the doctor’s account until paid in full. These T&C’s are entered into with me, the patient, & not the medical scheme/aid.
  • acknowledge that the fees charged by the practice may be different to the benefit paid by my medical aid/scheme & I accept responsibility for any co-payment resulting from the difference between the amounts.
  • confirm that I am aware that the practice fees are charged at specialist rates more than the Reference Price List (RPL) determined by the Department of Health and available from the DOH (Tel: 012-3120000) and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (Tel: 012-3389300 /
  • agree to the fact that the practice may submit a claim to the medical aid/scheme, Compensation Commissioner, Road Accident Fund or an insurer and that this will not in any way relieve me of my liabilities as aforesaid.
  • confirm that, should I not pay timeously, I will be liable for payment of legal fees incurred by the practice in recovering any amount due (including but not limited to tracking costs & collection fees) on attorney & own client scale.
  • acknowledge that the doctor reserves the right to charge for all follow-up consultations, irrespective of whether it is in the rooms, the ward, high-care or the intensive care unit.

Medical Scheme Benefit

  • I warrant that I am a current, paid-up member or dependent of such member under the medical aid/scheme, and that I have not resigned, or services have not been terminated.
  • I authorise the practice to submit accounts to the medical aid/scheme for payment on behalf of me/patient.
  • I give permission for the use of ICD-10 codes for more effective account payment by the medical scheme.
  • I undertake to:
    • ensure that accounts are received by the medical aid / scheme and paid within 90 days of service.
    • I acknowledge that an account older than 3 months will not be settled by the medical scheme and I will be held responsible for the settlement of the account.
    • settle the account within 30 days in case of non-payment or short payment of the medical aid / scheme and acknowledge liability for interest charged on payments made later than 30 days.
    • I acknowledge the pre-authorization for treatment / services do not guarantee payment by the medical aid/scheme, & that it remains my responsibility to obtain such authorisation by my medical aid/scheme.

Disclosure of medical information:

  • The practice is hereby authorized to disclose to the medical aid/scheme, or the Compensation Commission or the Road Accident Fund or insurer to whom a claim has been submitted, in relation to amounts payable to the practice, full details as to the nature, diagnosis, condition, or treatment of the patient.
  • The responsible person and/or patient has been informed that in certain circumstances, such as disclosure of ICD-10 codes, the exact consequences of disclosing such information are unknown to the practice and that information relating to these consequences, must be obtained by a responsible person and/or patient from the third party to whom the information is disclosed.


  • I/We the undersigned, hereby confirm that the practice may use the email addresses as indicated in the patient/guarantor details for communication purposes on accounts and/or invoices.
  • I agree that invoices and statements shall be received via e-mail/sms and only posted to me on my request.
  • I undertake to notify the practice of any changes in my indicated address, contact details or medical aid details.